I am Milan Moody, a 26-year-old film student at LUCA School of Arts C- mine. I've been involved with artistic and creative work since my childhood. However, my passion for storytelling bloomed after I started my education in theatre. Here I developed the necessary skills to not only act but write, produce, and direct a story as well. After I graduated I felt conflicted, my love for the theatre was met with just as many limitations. So I switched the theatre for the studio and started to use a lens to capture my stories. 
My style of filmmaking revolves around very political, controversial, and unconventional themes. I want to tell stories that hopefully will leave an impact on the audience, even if these stories or images are hard to watch. 
Cinema is a weapon.
In the right hands, it can make people think, discover, and, re-evaluate certain opinions, views, and our way of life. It can start a conversation.
In the wrong hands, it can spread hate, false information and, close-mindedness. It will stop the conversation, halt progress, and force polarisation.
Being a filmmaker is a privilege.
It takes courage, restraint, an open mind, a strong voice, a moral compass, and a kind heart. 

"Art is the interpretation of itself"
Milan Moody
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