This film about two POWs at their interrogation site is a brutal and unapologetic view of a realistic but mostly disregarded outcome of a soldier's path. Not every soldier ends up in this position, but plenty do.

This film is dedicated to all the lives that have been lost throughout time. Fighting for land they didn’t need, for ideals that weren’t their own, and against people they never met. To keep the blood off of the hands that could actually start, or end the conflicts.

*The film is currently being sent to film festivals and thus can't be seen anywhere at this time.
Director/ Writer/ Producer:
 Milan Moody
Co-producers/ Unit Leaders: 
Jodie Fearon and Patryk Lukaszewski
Jonas Vanoyenbrugge
Art Director: 
Fien Lowet
Sadhbh Vella
Willem Bleijenberg and Milan Moody
Colour Grader: 
Chiel Habils
Blue                        Thibault Winants
Orange            Rob Van Der Auwera
The Interrogator       Jorre Van Dijck

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